Curse of the chief
Don’t dare dive in
The chief cursed these waters
Only if you are from here, feel free
Else the water will take you
A warning to those defiant
And as a sacrifice to the water spirits you’ll be taken
Oh these south Sudanese rivers
So many a myth shrouding them
“Every day, the river claims a soul”
The indigenous occupants of the area threaten
Doubts start to hover round your brain
Far for the uncertain sets in
Finally you leave, without setting a foot in the waters
Job done
The outsider is gone
Is it myth or a trick?
U got to step in a south Sudanese river to prove



Kudos! It had to be that way
A reminder never to faulter
Nor go back to our past mistakes
That’s our take
A token for tomorrow’s well being

For the blood shed
A bond strengthened
A foundation cemented
Selflessness prevailed
A spirit of martyrdom portrayed
That sealed
No more blood
It cost much blood
It’s too costly to lose much more

For the toil through sweat
We stood up to the heat
Took up every challenge head on
For the sheer determination and hard work
The willingness and the zeal
Brought us thus far
And we go on
Don’t hold back
Only take the well-earned rest
Overcome the test of unemployment
Then u can have a fest
And the well-earned rest

We shed tears
Cried on one another’ shoulder
Our homes had no borders
Such times have grown older
We r no longer bothered
By our words actions and ways
Nor r we bothered by what bothers our neighbors
We harbor grudges and so much pain
Pain that changes us for the worst
Let’s talk them out, better yet cry them out
N hope and pray those tears shed today
Changes tomorrow for the better


I missed out on a bunch
Like I got a knockout punch
I sobered, I missed out on much
Sure u did
So what about lunch
We could make up for much we lost

Sorry can’t do
It’s done, we can’t redo
Wait yo turn, next time round
But if u r in no mood
Hang on, bear with yo doing

Come on, I knew not, I had not
How could I
I could not get that hot
Not to shame my pride, I, paused
Pondered, made up, I better go not


Who am I?
I am not my appearance
Whether black or white
Blood flows thru these very veins

Who am I?
I am not a loner
Coz I lead an academic life
I am but waiting for the right one

Who am I?
I am no hypocrite
For I have not the firm answer yes or no
I am just playing neutral

Who am I?
I am not dull
I’m most capable of what u can’t imagine
This just isn’t my area of strength

Who am I?
I am not a hater
For I rarely smile your way
My back is just worse than my bite

Who am I?
I am not an opportunist
For I made it thus far against so many ill wills
I am just observant and quick to utilize

Who am I?
I’m not poor
Simply coz I buy cheap
I’m just saving n utilizing the little I have



Spoken Word Poetry, Art & Haiku in fun mini series...New York City.

Pin Up Photography Art

Beauty on the wall,
Pinned up for us to see,
Who is that girl?
I look at her everyday,
Who is she?
She is my inspiration,
She has caught me eye,
A photographer caught her soul,
I am happy her did,
For now art was created and shown.

Jixi Fox

“Rival Many, Praise Few”

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Reigning South Sudanese beauty queens

During Sudanese War, South Sudanese girls
could only admire Alek Wek who was already
a successful supermodel around the world.
However, after the signing of Sudan’s
Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) in
2005, South Sudan saw several annual
beauty pageants emerging giving young girls
a chance to showcase beauty.
The first South Sudanese beauty pageant,
Miss Malaika was held in Kenya. A year later
the annual show was moved to Juba. South
Sudanese youth in countries like Australia
and USA have started organising beauty
contests aimed at showcasing diverse South
Sudanese cultures and unity.
South Sudan first participated in world’s
oldest beauty contest, Miss World in 2012.
Atong Demach represented the country and
she brought home Miss World África title.
Below are the current title holders of all
South Sudanese beauty pageants in and
outside the country:
Miss Malaika , is the oldest pageant,
inaugurated in 2005 by South Sudan Artists
Association led by Musician Lam Tungwar.
The beauty show is held annually towards
the end of the year. Rebecca Yom was the
first to be crowned.

The tenth edition of Malaika was held in
December 2014. 20 year old Arich Abel was declared the winner.
Miss South Sudan was founded by Miss
Earth 2009, Aheu Deng. The reigning queen is
Agot Deng who was crowned on Wednesday
10, December 2014.
Miss World South Sudan, the most
prestigious and probably the well organised
of all is in its third year. The reigning queen
Awien Kuanyin participated in Miss World in
London in December 2014. She was among
the top 20 models out of 164 who
Miss South Sudan Kenya was founded in
2013 by Dancehall Musician MC Ghetto under
his Australian based record label Bossmaan
Sounds System. The second edition was to
held in December 2014 but failed due to lack
of funds. Akuany Awien is the current queen.
Miss South Sudan USA , has been running for
years. Amna Millewa won the 2014 contest.
Miss South Sudan Australia was founded in
2007 and has since running. The current
queen is Ayieda Majak
Miss Earth together with Miss international
and Miss Grand International are managed
by former Miss World South Sudan Atong
Demach. The current title holder for Miss
Earth is 18 year old Siran Samuel
Miss International, together with Miss Earth
and Miss Grand are managed by former Miss
World South Sudan Atong Demach. Sarah
Gabriel is the current Miss International
South Sudan.
Miss Grand is another annual pageant. The
2014 winner is Diana Stevens who
represented South Sudan in Miss Grand
International in Thailand.
Miss South Sudan Uganda , was founded by
former Miss Earth South Sudan Rechel
Angeth in 2014. The event is expected to be
held annually in Kampala, Uganda. The first
ever winner of Miss South Sudan Uganda
held in September 2014 was Adut Ayii.