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Curse of the chief
Don’t dare dive in
The chief cursed these waters
Only if you are from here, feel free
Else the water will take you
A warning to those defiant
And as a sacrifice to the water spirits you’ll be taken
Oh these south Sudanese rivers
So many a myth shrouding them
“Every day, the river claims a soul”
The indigenous occupants of the area threaten
Doubts start to hover round your brain
Far for the uncertain sets in
Finally you leave, without setting a foot in the waters
Job done
The outsider is gone
Is it myth or a trick?
U got to step in a south Sudanese river to prove

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Kudos! It had to be that way
A reminder never to faulter
Nor go back to our past mistakes
That’s our take
A token for tomorrow’s well being

For the blood shed
A bond strengthened
A foundation cemented
Selflessness prevailed
A spirit of martyrdom portrayed
That sealed
No more blood
It cost much blood
It’s too costly to lose much more

For the toil through sweat
We stood up to the heat
Took up every challenge head on
For the sheer determination and hard work
The willingness and the zeal
Brought us thus far
And we go on
Don’t hold back
Only take the well-earned rest
Overcome the test of unemployment
Then u can have a fest
And the well-earned rest

We shed tears
Cried on one another’ shoulder
Our homes had no borders
Such times have grown older
We r no longer bothered
By our words actions and ways
Nor r we bothered by what bothers our neighbors
We harbor grudges and so much pain
Pain that changes us for the worst
Let’s talk them out, better yet cry them out
N hope and pray those tears shed today
Changes tomorrow for the better

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I missed out on a bunch
Like I got a knockout punch
I sobered, I missed out on much
Sure u did
So what about lunch
We could make up for much we lost

Sorry can’t do
It’s done, we can’t redo
Wait yo turn, next time round
But if u r in no mood
Hang on, bear with yo doing

Come on, I knew not, I had not
How could I
I could not get that hot
Not to shame my pride, I, paused
Pondered, made up, I better go not

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If they only knew how bad
How ridiculous those all now seems
They’ll laugh a good laugh
The childish times and days
Al the plays, the games, the acts
Now a laughing stock
The yonder days of being a child
So innocent and green

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Who am I?
I am not my appearance
Whether black or white
Blood flows thru these very veins

Who am I?
I am not a loner
Coz I lead an academic life
I am but waiting for the right one

Who am I?
I am no hypocrite
For I have not the firm answer yes or no
I am just playing neutral

Who am I?
I am not dull
I’m most capable of what u can’t imagine
This just isn’t my area of strength

Who am I?
I am not a hater
For I rarely smile your way
My back is just worse than my bite

Who am I?
I am not an opportunist
For I made it thus far against so many ill wills
I am just observant and quick to utilize

Who am I?
I’m not poor
Simply coz I buy cheap
I’m just saving n utilizing the little I have

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I hope this prose is worth all the dozing, sleeping, snoring, dreaming and even gassing in all those CHEMISTRY lessons for the past four years! If you were chopping Chemwa lessons, you really missed alot!





In she comes

“Oh Chemistry! May she teach U well!”


Metaloro! Wake up!

“Arrh arh Madam, nawe..”

Come on now, wake up, we have to complete the syllabus




Qualitative analysis and Quantitative analysis

The only thing you see is white ppt

White ppt observed everywhere

White ppt insoluble in excess

White ppt soluble in excess

Damn it, even Copper(II)Sulphate is white ppt





If you don’t write what you observe

F9’s will be served

What will you do?

Eh, Madam, we are used!

Bring our miracles!




Ssebiragala, stop admiring Tutu and concentrate on the colour changes

Awak , Awa-ka, stop opposing

These laws and colour changes

Sweetie, titrate from a stool

Deng, teach us the Moles

Eh, Namakula, state our Avogadro’s Constant




Riak, react!

Oh, he’s slow

We need a catalyst

Kentaro, stir up

Mawanda vapourate

Eh, Lawoko, you are up!?!

That’s a reaction

We only blame your MOLAR Concept!




Paula, accept

The chemical formula is “Popo PO4”

Odong-o, says that’s the chemical formula of soap

Laker, “Do you agree with Odong-o?




Wokorach, that number is for electricity not Electrolysis

Japheth, which acid bleached you to yellow?

You should be like Yata,

Black as Graphite!




Momo, you have to do Chemistry in A-level

Ingavure! Why are you laughing?

Momentum Ommutujju, that’s Physics

Not Chemistry!

So suffer Momentarily!




Yeno, you have to say “Yes” not “How?”

Who is that saying repeat?

Fats! Akankwasa! Are you the one?


Be like Henry

Who says ” Yes, I have understood teacher!”

Kentaro has that entered?




Pippette well now dear students

Malaika! Ssimbwa, don’t launch a Rocket!

Now students don’t laugh

Else you’ll swallow some BA1




Oh! BA1!


Where are you?

You are happy now?




First Lets calculate the rate of Reaction

Like true science-rs

Oliba, Come!


1 mole of BA1 reacts with 1000cm3 of BA2

0.1 moles of BA1 reacts with (1 divide by 1000 times 0.1) moles of BA2

O.1 moles of BA1 reacts with………..





Yusuf, write the ionic and molecular equations

Idodo, balance the equations

Dau, Young D, are they correct?

“I don’t know teacher.”




Kanyago! Open your eyes

What do you observe?


Sure? You can see gas? Eh!




Nakabuye, state what was observed

“I was not there”

Mulondo, you are laughing, a-ha, You now, what was observed?

“Teacher, the brown thing-i became colourless pungent gas”

Hahaha brown ebi kyi?

“Teacher, nothing!”




Talent don’t give up!

You have the talent

Banange Ipa, aha, what is the answer?

“Um ah arh gundi….. Nani…!!!

“The answer has evapourated-ii!”




Sayuni, smile

Those are your marks

Adut just do it

Chemistry is compulsory!




You can get D1

But don’t dream about it

Yours is a 10 not a 9




Continuous harpzardious motion of atoms

Just like the way Jame dozes

Watch him go up and down, back and forth

Chasing the chemicals away

And ZZZzzz…

Naji closes the chapter

Head down, on the locker

Sleeping and dreaming

That she was;

A Doctor!




Case closed!

Lesson ends

What have you learnt?   (100mks)

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That spark

That ignites an inferno of emotions

That flame

That burns brightest

That diamond

That sparkles before my eyes

That star

That lights up my heart like the night sky

That goal

That I’ll always aim to achieve

That rose

That arouses my deepest of desires

That missing piece

That completes my puzzled life

That friend and companion

That I never had

That inspiration that keeps me motivated

That satisfaction

That fills me up with ecstasy

That perfect fit

That makes us one

That one one person

That my heart beats after

That apple of my eye

That queen of my heart

That girl

That I’ll introduce to my momma


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hold on let’s take a photo

Before we make any other move

these times deserve a whole lot more

Game on, let’s give it our best shot

The good good times




Such good times

Tender loving times

That makes you

Remember me

Remember us

What we used to be

The good times

The good good times




The happiness, joy and the laughter

Can’t get better

Let’s hold on much longer

To these good times

Of moments to treasure

Stress free and relaxed

Together under the sun

The good good times




So much to be told

Alot more we lived for

Can be worth dying for

To relive those yonder memories

Can you feel it

Let it overwhelm you

A trip down memory lane to

The good good times




Hey you grab your bags

We’re heading back to;

The good good times




Grab your bottle

Hold somebody

Whisper in their ear out loudly

Let’s act up, a little bit naughty

As we remember the fun times

The good good times




Hey you, make me wanna

take a trip round that corner

What are we without a fun side?

Loosen up let’s get lost in the moment

Cameras out

Let’s live evry minute of it

The good good times




Hey ho, hover around us

We take nothing on a minus

We live on a plus

Nothing around us sucks

You will never get stuck

If you do, well at least you’ll be stuck with us

The good good times




Fun, we are never too old, fun. even thou we’re grown

Good, we made it, we make it, we’ll make it, good

The good good times

The good good times

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A fellow I must say
Tempted beyond his wits
It’s no hear-say
Rather a telling of temptation so great

“Reach into your pocket….
…..That will do!
Head out….”
What cometh forth, he knoweth not!

Go look! Your eyes will be deceived!
Bargain, negotiate your doom
Accept, seal your fate
Indulge, ruin your life

So cheap, so easy
So fine, yet sickly
Living but dead
Beware, out there trawls danger

Abstain, you manage not
Inter-course, you often lust
Chance is dependent on luck
Luck runs out with time

You, listen, listen good
That is not the way
Settle down
Else you’ll be settled in your eternal rest


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They ask why I do what I do
I tell them it’s the love for my country
That Agape love
That’s what drives me

They ask what my country has done for me
But scorn, despise and humiliation
I say save for my honour and sense of belonging
My motherland I ought to honour

What may have come, came
So for the hate between brother and brother
We all saw it coming
So why then is mama-land at fault?

Some say her natural resources
Others claim her vast virgin lands
Whatever they may say
It’s our motives that are un-pure not mama-land’s!

My country, our nation
Can’t we co-exist in her?
We did long before…. and also in our hour of greatest need, we sure did
Now that all that is history, we’ve begun a new chapter of hate

For all, who witnessed, bore testimony to this land
“Our combined effort” So they will say
For did we not fight under our country’s name?
So why then must we enjoy the aftermath as per our tribal name?!?

Had it not been said, had we not foreseen this
Am I not South Sudanese?
Was the fighting to liberate South Sudan or a tribe?
A midst all these where do you now stand?
A South Sudanese or what Your tribe says you are

Choice for a TRIBALISM free country starts with you